Friday, March 22, 2013

Internet Quest we take for granted the high speed immediate Internet in America., Scott, & Jib walked 3.5 miles into town to update our Internet service. We knew the office was only open on Thursday (which you see in the sign, they are open 2 days a week) Anyway... We make the trek in only to find out they don't have the technology in Green Turtle Cay to do the iPad internet thing. Grrr.... I was told in Marsh Harbor "of course they can do it in Green Turtle! " After 2 hours of trying to make it happen, the gal working at Betelco gave me my money back & wished me luck somewhere else. There is nothing you can do in these situations except say "OK. Um...thanks...I'll just walk the 3.5 miles home accepting total defeat." we hitch hiked on the way home & thankfully got a ride about a 1/2 mile in. The thing is....we NEED Internet. Not just for the blog & fun stuff, but more importantly, for weather reports. Our radio sucks & we can't hear the cruiser's net anymore now that we are further north. We don't have SSB (the super hero of radio), so the Internet is really our ONLY source for weather info.

Heading across the Sea of Abaco in search of Internet I took a ferry to another island where there is a more sophisticated Betelco office. Me & one of my BFF's Dana, from s/v Corsair, crossed the Sea of Abaco to acquire Internet service.

It was actually a fun girly day in Treasure of my favorite beaches ever. Dana & I had lunch on the beach, did some grocery shopping, and took a great big sigh when we found out each taxi trip from the ferry dock to town was $25. Another's 8 miles!! $25 for 8 miles (x2) Plus money for ferry money spent at store....Internet is all of a sudden kind of expensive!

Gotta love Treasure Cay
But....I'm all paid up now & up to date with Betelco for our last 30 days in the Bahamas. While Dana & I are busy doing Internet errands, Scott & Matt (Dana's husband) go out diving & hunting. They are becoming very accomplished spear fishermen. They have speared nearly 30 lobster (we lost the exact count) & 4 fish in 6 days!

My hunter.
We never get sick of lobster!
So....we will be in Green Turtle Cay until Tuesday because of weather & then...headed to some new islands we haven't explored yet. Yay!!! So excited to see new places! I will try & do as many blogs as I can.

Love & miss everybody so much!!

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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