Friday, September 9, 2011

"CRUISING" Is Fixing Your Boat In Exotic Places

That's a little saying our friend Dan likes to say. And it's so true. There is ALWAYS, EVERYDAY, a project to be done on the boat. It's like a living creature that needs care & attention everyday to function properly. So while we're waiting for seas to quiet down out in the Atlantic today--we work on the boat. It's been sunny all day so we've had a chance to dry out which is soooo nice. We start to feel like mushrooms after 2 days of non-stop rain. Today we were doing little projects & something didnt go right--Im not sure what--but next thing ya know, Dan is climbing up the mast to fix it. He climbed while Cheri & Scott used a wench we use for the sails to hoist him up. It's very anxiety provoking because the person climbing could fall to their death if something goes wrong. Everything went great cuz Dan & Cheri know what their doing.
So, tonight we leave @ midnight headed to Atlantic City. Best conditions at that time so that's when we have to go. Long day tomorrow, probably 10-12hrs on the water.
Scott & Cheri hoisting Dan up the mast
Love you all!!  Love, Michelle, Scott & Jesse
Dan going up the mast

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