Sunday, September 25, 2011

Etched In Jello

Dom, Val, Scott & Prince
Speaking of jello--Val's fall colored jello shots
"Our plans are etched in jello", a little saying you have to learn to live by as a sailor. We were planning on leaving St Michael's today but the weather will be better tomorrow. Also, we had a computer chip that helps us with navigation mailed to Dom & Val's & it hasn't arrived yet. Well, it probably has arrived but the post office closes at noon on Saturdays---something we figured out Saturday @ 12:20.  No biggie. Changing plans is something we have gotten used to. Just have to go with the flow of things. This is such a peaceful, beautiful anchorage, I dont mind staying. So, we leave tomorrow after a post office run. 1st stop is Solomon Island, Maryland where we will spend one night. The next day we sail to a place called Deltaville. Also just for one night. Then we're off to Portsmith, Viginia. I think we're staying a few days there. Maybe. Etched in jello as of now.

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lylaine said...

Love the "etched in jello" motto...good one for life! Sounds like you two are very quick learners!! What a beautiful course to reading your blog and keep the photos coming!!