Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Here !

Always a project to do. Scott doing more work to the fridge
Sunset on the Chesapeake
scrubbing floors
  It's been awhile since my last entry..just needed some time. Thank you everyone for your loving messages regarding Jesse. We really appreciate your thoughts & support through that horrible time.  We've been sailing down the coast of Maryland since Sept 12th. We went down the Chesapeake-Delaware canal to Chesapeake City, then to Annapolis for a couple days. I really liked Annapolis. It's so pretty & "New England". AND, it's all about boating there. We could dinghy right into the middle of the town square. We left Annapolis & have been staying in St. Michael's, Maryland for the past several days. Dan & Cheri come here to visit their friends Dom & Val who live here. Dom & Val have been very gracious hosts to us. They have a gorgeous home on Chesapeake Bay. We've been doing projects on the boat, since as I've mentioned befor, there all always projects. It's been nice to rest here for awhile. We were planning on leaving tomorrow but the best weather is Sunday. Thanks again everyone for caring about us & sending messages. We love reading your comments. Love & miss you
Under the bridge to Annapolis
Val's beautiful gardens
Love, Michelle & Scott

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Roberta and Heinz said...

I am so glad that all is somewhat well and you all are safe and resting.

Love and miss you,