Monday, September 26, 2011

We've Got Crabs !!!

Yummy !!
Well, we're still in St. Michaels...our navigation chip still has not arrived.  Not a big deal when you accept that plans are etched in jello. We made the most of it & went crab fishing off the dock in Val & Dom's backyard. The way it's done is to tie chicken necks to a string & just lower in the water & wait for a nibble. I didnt have any chicken legs so we substituted with chicken legs. It was really fun! We caught about 20 crabs & had an awesome seafood buffet this afternoon. We had some striped bass that a neighbor gave us the other day. Today was the first time the sun was shining in 6 days!!! It was glorious. In Phoenix we cant wait for rain. We actually get excited about it & go outside on the deck to watch the rain. I am sick of rain. Everything on the boat feels damp on the boat whenever it matter what. It just does. We feel like mushrooms after a few days. We are greatful for the sun shiney day we had, the bountiful crab hunt, & to be living this dream. We are leaving at dawn in the morning. For real this time.
crab hunt on the dock
Let's eat!
Love, Michelle & Scott

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