Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend !!

sunset view from our cockpit in Jefferson Port, New York
Captain Scott leaving New London, Ct
Heinz & Roberta on Mimosa Morning
Celebrating Cheri's Bday in Connecticut
Well, we're writing today from Oyster Bay, New York. Our 1st day cruising across Long Island Sound went great. We didn't sail at all (no wind) but the water was nice & calm, the weather perfect. We thought a great way to begin our journey. Our 1st stop after 10hrs of motoring was Jefferson Port, New York. (10hrs for 53miles) Sailboats dont go too fast without wind. Which is fine with us. We have developed a new feeling re: powerboats. They are maddening!!! They cause such huge waves that send us bouncing. Anyways, we had a lovely evening in Jefferson Point & and an amazing sunset. The sun was red. Early morning departure on Sat. We were headed Mashasset Bay, NY but had to detour because of wind. Yes, wind. Not great for sailboats when your headed directly into wind. Makes for super slow we diverted & we are in Oyster Bay, NY. It is beautiful here! The mansions on the waterfront are shocking. Mansion doesnt seem to really describe it. American castles I guess. HUGE. I really like it here which is good because we have to stay here until Tuesday due to weather that's coming in.
Tuesday we're headed for NYC. Sounds very stressful navigating through there. We have to go through a passage of water called Hells Gate. Always a new adventure on the horizon !
Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We love & miss you.--Michelle, Scott, & Jesse--

Scott, Dan & Heinz putting solar panels on


lylaine said...

Let the excitement ensue...You three are amazing!! Looking forward to more tales of the sea...What an awesome chapter in your lives...XO

Marianne said...

" red sky at night sailor's delight " the pictures are great ! miss you..take care