Saturday, February 11, 2012

Abaco Blows

   Scott & I have been very busy the past few days preparing Malaika for our guests from Colorado who arrive in the morning. We are SOOOO excited to have friends visit us here in the Bahamas!! Of coarse, Mother Nature is being a real *%*ch & bringing on a cold front. We are expecting 30mph winds in the morning at the precise moment of our friends arrival. ARRRGH!! So far, the forecast is good for the rest of their stay (besides tomorrow) , so we hope to visit several islands. Tomorrow Malaika becomes home to 6 adults & one dog....we will be a full boat! Stay tuned for all our adventures through the next week. AND....hopefully, some of you will be inspired to also come & visit!!  I expect a very restless night tonight as the wind starts blowing in. Scott & I get up MANY times during the night when it's really blowing to check our anchor, make sure nobody is dragging into us, etc. Luckily, one boat that drags whenever the wind blows even a little, moved into a marina tonight so we dont have to worry about them. We have watched them drag 5 seperate times in 2 different anchorages. We just cringe when we see them anchor anywhere around us. We were up at 4:30am today because the wind was howling, lightning blazing up the sky... It's VERY nerve racking when lightning comes to play. Our 52ft mast is just a giant lightning rod.

Everyone says how rare lightning strikes are however, in the short 8 months of our sailing life we have met 2 boats who have had that unfortunate disaster. Not only is it a fire hazard, it will destroy all the electronics on your boat. A VERY pricey mishap. more lightning in the forecast so we're greatful for that. Love & Miss everybody!!!

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