Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back On The Grid...Sorta

Malaika anchored off Tahiti Beach

   Yay!!! My hubby surprised me today & bought me a wifi antennae booster AND a month worth of internet so I can easily do the blog & stay in touch with family & friends. It's much easier to do the internet cafe thing when you live on land. We did it a lot when we traveled through Central America. It's one thing to throw your laptop in your backpack & walk to the internet cafe. It's an entirely different thing to pack up your computer in dry bags so it doesn't get wet from the mother ship to the dinghy, to the dinghy dock, then walk however far to a cafe only to find they closed at 2pm instead of 5pm as advertised. You get the picture. So...we're connected for the next month. Yay!!!
  We've had such a good time exploring the islands in & around the Sea of Abaco. It's so awesome to finally be doing what we dreamed about only a year ago. All that work on the boat, the trek down the ICW, learning to live on/drive/anchor/dock the boat...We did it!! I'm so proud of us.
  SUPER excited for our friends from Colorado to join us this Sunday!!! Chad & Kristi, Danny & Joy...we're going to have a blast!!! Woo Hoo!!!
  Also,  Matt & happy to hear your headed this way!!! Malaika & Kindred Spirit will definetly be doing some sailing together!!!
Sunset in Marsh Harbour
  Love & Miss everyone !!  XXXOOO
Jib has become quite the sailor

  P.S.  When I say hip hip hooray, we're "connected" took over an hour to post this blog.


matty said...

S/V kindred spirit...where you guys gonna be in a month? We are leaving march 1, a little later than expected but hey its a boat and $h*! happens. Jib is a giant now! He counts as two adults. You guys keep having fun and we will see you soon.

stephanieo said...