Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Mellow Seas" In Marsh Harbour

  Welcome to the Bahamas Andy! Our friend Andy on s/v "Mellow Seas", who we met in Connecticut 1 day after hurricane Irene, & then again at Hidden Harbor Marina in St. Augustine, Florida sailed into Marsh Harbour this weekend! It's been great catching up with him. One of my favorite things about cruising is running into friends in new locations. We've had a great time this weekend going to several of the many planned events. Thursday night was "People to People" sponsored by the Bahama Tourism Ministry. It was a great chance for locals & fellow cruisers to come together to celebrate the Bahamas. Free food & drinks, great music, mini junkanoo, fashion show. was a blast. Most cruisers are on a budget so anytime there's free anything we're there!!  Friday night we went to a "Rake & Scrape" which is a band that uses homemade instruments like saws, cow bells, rakes, etc. to make music. More dancing & good times & a great introduction to the Bahamas for Andy! :) 
  Marsh Harbor totally filled up with boats the past few days due to incoming high winds. We'll have to stay hunkered down here for a couple more days but hopefully sailing again by Wednesday!  There are still plenty of new islands for Scott & I to visit.  Now that we're getting better at sailing, it's a lot more fun. These couple days will give us a chance to take Jib to the vet. Our little buddy has another bladder infection :(  This is the 2nd time in his short little life so we need to figure out why that's happening & we also have to look into getting him neutered. One of his little testicles never descended so it will require more than the easy snip job. He'll probably need surgery. Cha $$$ Ching. Good thing we love him so much. Meanwhile, Scott has nick-named him one-nut.
Missing everyone at home soooo much. Love you. XXXOOO
I have had many troubles getting this blog to post. I can't get the pics to download & after 8 hours I am frustrated beyond belief. Will try to post a photo blog tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys !! Several times Ive written to you guys but when Ive tried to post it , it doesnt work. I am so enjoying your blog. I check often for updates Its so fun to read about your adventures. Sounds like youre having a nlast !!
Andy on MELLO SEAS used to be by grand daughters teacher !! Would you pleaae tell him that Heather Tempesta said hi !!!
And do me a favor !? Would you give Dan and Cheri a hug for me ? Cant wait to see them this summer. Will you guys be heading north with them ?
Donna and Les

Anonymous said...

Ive been meaning to ask you too, have yoy met Hal Romberg on SV Dionysis yet ? We met when I bought my boat in Annapolis. Hes a GREAT guy. If you meet him or want to, tell him Donna in Ct. / wndwrd on the sailing message board , says hello !! Last I knew he was in Marsh Harbor also. Ill tell him to be on the lookout for you guys too. Im thinking Dan and Cheri might know him already.