Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tahiti Beach Bums

Hang On !!!
Malaika heeling (leaning) hard to starboard (right) sailing close to the wind
   Scott & I had a great sail to Tahiti Beach. Sails up, engine off...ahhh...our favorite thing.  This sail was cool because it was the most advanced sailing Scott & I have done by ourselves. When I say that, I know all the experienced sailors who read our blog will giggle because it's not like we did a passage or anything. Just a quick jaunt in the Sea of Abaco from Marsh Harbour to Tahiti Beach. (15ish miles)
The weather was great, no big waves. It's all about the wind. The wind was right on the bow (in our face), & Scott & I trimmed the sails really well....we tacked 6 times. (That's where the experienced giggle) ....but I dont care. For newbies like us, it was a perfect day of sailing. Good teamwork. It's taken us a long time to get to this level of sailing. Yay Us!!! The pay off...2 awesome days at Tahiti Beach.

Yesterday, all our cruising friends were here hanging out on the beach.

 For Happy Hour we all came together for a "Dinghy Drift." A 1st for Scott & I. It reminded us of tubing down the Salt River at home.  Everybody meets out in the middle of the bay, tie our dinghys together, & drift wherever the wind takes us while passing around snacks & drinks. We watch the sunset & then everybody unties, starts their motors & head back to their boats. So fun!!! Hope to have more dinghy drifts in the future.
Love & Miss everyone at home sooo much. XXXOOO
Bob & Chel from s/v Bella Sera hanging out at the Dinghy Drift

This is why Scott was telling me to hurry up the other day. Low tide at Tahiti Beach. This guy is in a bit of a pickle. Already aground & 2 more hours until low tide. His boat will be on it's side by then. Luckily, with the help of other cruisers he was pulled out.

Are we in Tahiti?

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