Saturday, February 18, 2012

We'll Miss You Colorado Crew !!

Having some fun at "Nipper's"
    I haven't been very good about updating the blog this past week while our friends were visiting because we were too busy having fun!! They headed home today...Scott & I are feeling a bit lonely since they left. It was a fabulous week and we hope to have more visitors soon!! You all know you're welcome anytime! We island hopped everyday & got to see some of the most popular islands here in Abaco. (Abaco is the area of the Bahamas we are in) Yesterday we snorkled on a beautiful reef at Great Guana Cay. The guys saw an enormous moray eel & Chad spotted an octopus too.  Our guests adapted to boat life very well & nobody had issues with motion sickness. Good thing Kristi had her wristbands! :)  I was very surprised how comfortable we all were. I expected Malaika to feel pretty small with 6 adults & 1 dog but it never felt cramped at all. Chad & Danny were awesome 1st mates by the end of the week. Sailing is much easier with all that extra help. This was one of my most favorite weeks on Malaika.
Awesome memories created this week! Thanks for everything Colorado Crew! We miss ya already.
Beach Time
Joy catching some rays...and a little sand from Jib
Kristi doesn't have tights on...just the soft powdery sand of Treasure Cay
Much love to everybody at home. XXXOOO
Deck Candy

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