Saturday, April 21, 2012

Exuma Land & Sea Park

Partial skeleton of a 52 ton sperm whale
   Hey everybody!  We've been in Warderick Wells for a few days. This island is the hub of the Exuma Land & Sea Park. The park is 176 mile stretch of islands in the Exumas. No fishing, lobstering, or shelling allowed so the islands & reefs are awesome. We've been hiking & snorkeling everyday. The Exumas are the jewel of the Bahamas in my opinion. I wish there were a couple more islands with stores & internet ability but the scenery can not be matched. I have internet for a few hours today. It's $10/day or 100 megabytes of data...whichever comes first. I don't know what a megabyte really is but I learned the other day, the $10 buys you about 3 hours of internet time. So... we won't have internet everyday but maybe one more time before we leave Thursday. We have some weather we have to wait out before we can keep treking north. I'm going to keep it short here due to the internet restrictions. I'm not sure how many megabytes photos use up. ???
Malaika & Mellow Seas anchored at Warderick Wells. (On mooring balls actually, no anchoring allowed)
We ran out of bread a few days ago... No problem! I learned how to make tortillas from scratch!

Scott down inside a cave on our hike today
Enjoying the view

Scott & I out for a hike
Andy & our friend Andrea from s/v Rudekkiah (not sure I spelled that correctly?)

Love & Miss everybody!!! XXXOOO

P.S. To Roger from Connecticut---glad to hear you have followed our blog from the beginning! :) We do love Malaika. No complaints re: Island Packets ! We see A LOT of them here in the Bahamas. Just in this anchorage 4 of the 20 boats here are IP's. Good luck living your cruising dream---keep us updated! And yes, it's true, we had never sailed before moving aboard last August... except for our 8 day sailing course in Mexico. I should add, in 8 days we never even learned to anchor. It's been a very steep learning curve. :)

Dan & Cheri--miss you guys! where are you these days? I think we're going to take the same route home as we took getting here... Back through Abaco...etc. Hope all is well. XXXOOO

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Curieuse said...

Glad you are having fun we really miss you too!! Heading to NC shortly. We are in Beaufort SC now. Going to stop and see H&D in Southport. Then a beeline to Heinz and Roberta.And all friends there!Love Cheri and Dan