Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The view from our hike yesterday--little blurry--oops.
  Tomorrow will be the 1st leg of many voyages towards home. At first light in the morning we are leaving Exuma Land & Sea Park and heading north back to Allen's Cay, about a 8 hour travel day. If weather permits we should be back to Marsh Harbour by Sunday. Each day until then will be long travel days. We'll reprovision at Marsh Harbour & keep sailing north & then west to Florida! The Gulf Stream will be the longest day. Last time it was 18hrs. I will have internet when we get to Marsh Harbour, but probably not before then. Getting soooooo excited to see everyone!!!

We hiked to these ruins yesterday. Not much left but still standing since the 1700's ! Pretty impressive considering the weather they've endured.

Love & Miss you. XXXOOO


Curieuse said...

Sounds like the long way around but your choice hope you have good weather We are stuck here for the weekend waiting for engine parts but Dan should have it fixed in not time once we get them. Can't wait to see You both. XXXXXOOOO
Love Cheri and Dan

lylaine said...

Sail safely home! Look forward to seeing you old salts! :>)

Marianne said...

safe travels, love the blog, can't wait to see you !!!!!!!

Carrie said...

I love keeping up with your travels through your blog. We are heading to Virgin Gorda next week with Dan and DeeDee.....had to check in to make sure you aren't down there! Maybe next time. So glad to hear you are heading home for a bit. Look forward to seeing you both!
Safe travels!