Friday, April 13, 2012


Yay!!! Finally have some Internet!! It's been 3 weeks!! Hope I still have readers!
We are currently in Staniel Cay, Exumas. What adventure we've had!! Do to Internet/weather glitches, I am not able to post more pictures....hopefully tomorrow.
We've been to 6 islands since I last wrote. This group of islands we've been exploring are called the Exumas. Staniel Cay was the location of the James Bond movie "Thunderball". A huge portion of these Bahamas are protected parks so the water, islands, & reefs are pristine. It's so beautiful. We have never seen such clear water. I hope you'll all stay tuned for a photo blog. We've seen sharks, turtles, wild ocean swimming pigs, an island of iguanas that only exist here in Exuma. I have been a bit surprised by how remote these islands are. I have Internet now only because we took a mile & 1/2 dinghy ride with very dark grey skies & choppy seas, to "town" & we're sitting at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club (beach bar). We waited out a 2 hour rain storm before beelining it over here when there was a small window of sunshine. We were determined to get to town today to take our buddy Andy out for a cheeseburger to celebrate his birthday. You can not imagine how WONDERFUL a burger is when you've been out of the USA for 5 months. It's a little slice of Heaven.
Love & Miss you all so much. Please stay tuned to the blog. So many adventures to share with you!! Will post again asap. Hopefully tomorrow if the weather plays nice.


The Last Mango said...

Glad you guys are ok; You had us worried. Cant wait for the Pics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't seem to post as myself. But I can get through as Anonymous. I'm really, Michelle Hanken!!!! I'm officially caught up with your blog!! I love it! The sand dollars were amazing. They are one of those things that make you wonder how people deny the divine!! What is responsible for making the templates to those beautiful pieces of art?? I'm so glad Scott found the dinghy. That was a great feel-good story. Your haircut reminded me of Raube!! Do you remember his last name? Your pup is huge!! He is so cute!!! (More later, but we got a little bebe kitten! Me? With a pet?) I will write to you on facebook! Fill you in on the happenings. I heard in Rocky Point this weekend, a tourist boat with 19 people capsized. Boat was overly full. No life jackets. A little girl drowned. People don't take excursions seriously enough!!