Monday, April 16, 2012


Scott spear fishing. He speared 4 that day.

  Hey everybody!! We're still in Staniel Cay, Exumas but plan on leaving Tuesday or Wednesday. This marks the turn around point for us this season. Now, we start the long trek home. Oh wait.... where's home? Of course, Phoenix is "home" but we can't take Malaika there. We don't have homes or jobs there. So the question is now, where do we want to take Malaika to do the many boat projects we need to do before next season? Florida? North Carolina? The Solomons in Maryland?  We plan on going to Phoenix for a much needed reunion with family & friends. The rest is up in the air. We'll figure it out as we go I guess. Meanwhile, many adventures still on the horizon! It's takes quite awhile to get home too!
  I hope to have internet at our next spot, Warderick Wells. It's a protected marine park & according to our guide book there is internet available at the Ranger station. We'll see....the guideboook said that about other places in the Exumas but hurricane Irene disabled many internet hot spots. I promise to write as often as I can. I'm sorry we worried so many people! I really didn't think the internet would be so random. Believe me, we miss having it too. Well, me more than Scott of coarse.
Love & Miss you all
Dinghy ride through the mangroves of Shroud Cay. We saw black tipped reef sharks & turtles each day here
Im having trouble posting pics but will keep trying! Stay tuned. We have some awesome pics!

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curieuse said...

Good to see you both Glad the trip is going well. Wwe are still in Savannah for a few days. Then we will begin heading North. We hope to run into you along the way. Where will you be coming in? Where is Andy? Love Cheri and Dan