Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eleuthra, Bahamas....I love you

Eleuthra's Coastline
We've been having the best time making our way down Eleuthra. We didn't spend any time on this island last year so it's been so fun exploring a brand new place! Eleuthra is BEAUTIFUL!!! The high cliffs & lush green landscape give Eleuthra it's own distinct look totally different from Abaco or the Exumas. We are currently in Hatchet Bay where we have reunited with all our cruising buddies Kindred Spirt, Kokoi, & Great Mysterious. So fun!!! We've had some weather the past week getting here, which made for some uncomfortable journeys.

Our friends Matt & Lindsey beating into the wind & waves next to us on our way down Eleuthra. It was a bumpy ride!
Kindred Spirit is the same size as Malaika & we both got pounded on this ride from The Bluff, Eleuthra to a place called Glass Window. After a cruise like that, you just want to get anchored & rest. 'twas not to be that day. We could not get our anchor to set, after 3 tries we agreed we would take turns through the night keeping watch in case we started dragging. Yuk. AND...Malaika was rolling side to side every 2 seconds. We decided to pick up the anchor AGAIN & move further south hoping for a more comfortable evening. Our new spot was much better holding & our anchor dug in deep right away. However, we were rocking back forth even more. Ugh. I actually woke up nauseated in the middle of the night. So, up early to move on to Hatchet Bay. Another bumpy ride but a short one so no biggie.

Jib does not like the bumpy rides. He becomes my little cuddle bug who just needs a little extra TLC from momma.
The entrance to Hatchet Bay is slightly intimidating because it is soooo narrow! It's deep enough obviously, but we just typically avoid getting close to rock walls so it felt a little sketchy.

Entering Hatchet Bay
As soon as we got anchored we headed out with our friends to check out the new town. Hitch hiking is safe & a very common practice here in Hatchet Bay. We hitched a ride to Surfer's Beach & spent the rest of the day relaxing. Jib had been stuck on the boat for a couple days so he was sooo happy to get some sand between his toes.

Woo Hoo!!

Our gang hitching a ride

Jib is loving this hitch hiking walking 5 miles to the beach!
So far... We love it here. We plan on staying for a couple weeks. The town is great, the snorkeling is beautiful, & the fishing is good. What's not to love?!

I love this pic from our snorkel trip this morning. Look at the little guy in the upper left corner....he's practically smiling at me!
Tune in tomorrow for some AMAZING underwater pics we took today! Love & miss everybody! Have to head to town now & try to post this blog. The Internet connection sucks here on the mother ship.

Met this little guy yesterday while in town....he was so excited about taking pictures...what a cutie!!

Scenes from town


Malaika tucked in at Hatchet Bay

Old Silos

Millions of fishies!!
Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib


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