Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Sunday!!

The entrance to our church here in Hatchet Bay
Happy Sunday everybody! Hope everybody has had a wonderful weekend!! Our morning started out nice & Sundays should. Coffee on, fresh coconut/raisin bread toasting, sun shining...Glorious. Just as I'm pouring the coffee, I hear Scott calmly say from the cockpit, "Oh look..that boat is dragging."

The boat with the black sail cover is dragging. It was originally about 300 yards away from us.

I am beginning to think our boat has some kind of dragging magnet hidden somewhere. This is the 3rd time this season a boat has dragged down on us. she comes...oh look, the dinghy is gone...nobody's home. Awesome!
Scott and another cruiser, Dave, got the boat away from ours & reanchored it to prevent it from dragging on to the rocks. And then...the three of us went to church. Just a little anchorage drama, all before 10:00am.

Yesterday Scott went to the grocery store & picked up a few things we needed. He was so surprised to find eggs for $1.99. That is UNHEARD of here.

Okay, some were actually green but hey...if its good enough for the locals & they're $1.99---we're in! We ate 2 green ones this morning for breakfast & they were delicious! Whew.

So...we've started really looking at weather forecasts for the's time to go.

Bye Eleuthera!
We are headed back to Abaco because we have family coming in February!! YAY!!!! We are so excited for our family to join us on Malaika!! So far it looks like Thursday will be a good day to start North. We'll see if mother nature behaves...sometimes she is quite disagreeable.

This one of several weather web sites we use....this one is "Passage Weather", which we have found to be very reliable.
We still have a few days to soak up the fun here in Hatchet Bay, which we plan on doing to the fullest. Scott went diving today & shot 2 big lobster. Hopefully we can dive & snorkel everyday before we go.

Scott & his dive buddies going out for a hunt
Someone told me there were no snakes in the Bahamas! They were wrong....
Love & miss everybody!!! XXOO

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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