Friday, January 25, 2013

Swallowing The Hook?

"Swallowing the hook" is a term boaters use when they're talking about people who have found a piece of paradise they love...and settled there. As in, buying land, building a house...staying there. "The Hook" is a reference to the boat anchor....which you won't be using anymore once it's swallowed up...which means you aren't cruising anymore. No....I say with a capital N.O. We are not swallowing the hook. However, we sure do love Eleuthera. Scott is already researching real estate here. Scott says its just for an investment. We'll have our brother Danny, who is an architect, design a hurricane proof house, build it, then sell it...which could take awhile so in the meantime, we'll stay there when we're passing through. We'll's always an adventure!

Part of our friend, Jim's property...he's slowly chiseling his way through the rock to his AMAZING water front...
Meanwhile, as we dream of a house on a cliff in Eleuthera....our boat life carries on. We've been here 2+ weeks and the laundry is piling up. I have not seen a laundry mat here in Hatchet Bay...I've heard there is a lady who will do your laundry for $2.75/load (that's cheap here in the Bahamas), but I don't know where she lives so...I'll just do it. Water is a precious commodity when you live on a boat....I can't fill large wash/rinse buckets full of fresh water to wash clothes. I learned from other cruisers to wash our stuff with ammonia & water. It's cheap, uses little water, and gets the job done.

My washing machine...minus the muscle..which is me! :)
The 1st time I tried it I admit, I was like.."omg...this is going to ruin our clothes". The ammonia smell is so strong. But....when you hang the clothes out to dry, the ammonia blows off. It's amazing. Your clothes are left smelling clean & crisp. It's cheap & a great way to "get by" when you don't have a modern day washer & dryer.

Would rather do laundry here than in a laundry mat ANY day! Much better view!
The other exciting thing I want to share from the past few days is that Scott & I found a new beach that has a plethora of sea of my favorites!!! I have quite a collection at home from various beaches in the Caribbean but I haven't seen much here in the Bahamas....until the other day.

Scott's collection of sea a hamburger bean which are VERY hard to find...

Some more sea treasures....

My itty bitty sea biscuit

Jib meeting a baby octopus

Life is good. Just ask Jib.
Love & Miss everybody. A Lot.

--Michelle, Scott, & Jib


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Mike McGuire said...

That's some great sea glass! I like the way you put it all together. Very cool.

Is your friend actually chiseling through the rock? Sounds time consuming and expensive! :-)

Great photo of Jib meeting the octopus. I love it!