Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hatchet Bay...We're Gonna Be Here Awhile...

We love this place!! 1st of all...it's beautiful. 2nd, The locals here are BY FAR, some of the nicest people we've encountered in all of our travels. We are greeted with smiles & kind words everywhere we go in town. Also, as I mentioned the other day...these nice people are more than happy to pull over & give us a ride to the beach or wherever....if they're heading that direction & have room, they tell us to hop in.

Sitting by the big tree hoping for a truck to come by & give us a ride to the beach... By the way, that is ONE tree. It has just branched off in every direction..sideways & up & down. It's so amazing.

5 minutes later....just another day in the back of a pick-up headin' to the beach.

The other amazing thing about Hatchet Bay is that groceries & restaurants have VERY cheap prices...for the Bahamas. Some things are just slightly more than in the U.S.

As you saw in the last blog, the diving is great....Scott went out today with a friend, speared a hogfish, watched beautiful spotted eagle rays do their ballet in the water....its just exactly what we had in mind when we dreamed of living on a sailboat in the tropics.

Taking Jib for a walk in town
Jib is making lots of friends too. The are lots of dogs here. Some are pets, some are strays....none too aggressive. Everyone in town always greets Jib the same way..."That's a BIG dog!" all the dogs here are little lap dogs or the typical dingo/coyote mutts that look like the dogs that roam through Mexico, Central America, etc.


Jib meeting little Eli..

Jib meeting the biggest dog in town...don't know his name.

That's little T.O. . He goes crazy every time Jib walks by..

Jib's happy place
We're really happy here. Hatchet Bay suits the crew of Malaika.

Best Friends

Love & miss everybody....XXXOO

Much Love---Michelle, Scott & Jib



Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Oh, how we long to get to the Bahamas! Sounds amazing, and we're enjoying your posts!

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Awe thanks! You guys are planning on leaving this year right? Dont skip Eleuthera! :)