Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Guana Cay...

We left Marsh Harbor today headed for Guana Cay. It was a fabulous day to be on the water...

I can't believe these are the last couple weeks before we go home. Time flies... We're trying to make the most of it & exploring as much as possible.

Tree of Life

I don't feel like writing so I'll just share some pics. ;)


Go Jibby!



Love--Michelle, Scott & Jib


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Dolby said...

Hey guys!! Say hi to GM for me....Guana is my favorite....I found a sweet diving spot just out side the fishers bay anchorage on about a dozen sunken cars....roughly at 26 39.41 N 77 7 6 W....just off the little island...if your can't find them ( in about 10-15ft) ask Forrest or his Pops down at Kidds Cove....great people....have fun...if ya get a chance to take of pic of GM that would be awesome!!!