Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Marsh Harbor

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! Even the Bahamas celebrates St Patty's Day....well, the cruisers do & just like at home the bars & restaurants are celebrating too....I'm not sure if the locals do. The big event today is the St. Patrick's Day Parade which goes down Main Street here...sorta. It's known as the shortest St Patrick's Day parade in the world. It's an exhausting 350 feet. It ends at one of the main bars in town. Anyone can enter. We've never been, sounds interesting. I'll post pics in the next blog.

Our pretty spot in Marsh Harbor

So, we've just been hanging out in Marsh Harbor since we got here on Wednesday. We've had some weather & expect some more tomorrow so we are just staying put for now. Marsh Harbor offers pretty good protection for most weather & is BY FAR the best place in the Bahamas to reprovision. It has the best grocery store in all of the Bahamas...

Maxwell's Grocery

Maxwell's Grocery
What a bargain!
Plus....propane, fuel, water, hardware stores, laundry, bank, etc. The down side of Marsh is that there aren't really any beaches, no diving, & lots of people.(when I say "lots" of people, I mean a couple thousand...) We have managed to find a pretty little spot just outside the harbor & that's where we take Jib. It's not a big beach but it's nice & we are always the only ones there.
Maxwell's Grocery

There is a little trail just off the beach that leads to the top of the hill where there is a nice "scenic view".

Best Friends


At the top of the hill is also the most elaborate pet grave I've ever seen. Meggie must have been one amazing dog...hmmm

Next stop is Guana Cay. We'll be heading there on Wednesday or Thursday for the annual Barefoot Man concert which is on Friday. Always a big event here in Abaco & lots of fun so we're looking forward to that.

Hope y'all have a fun St. Patrick's Day! We're off to the parade & then to the big party that is sponsored by Guinness. They announced on the radio today they will be giving away lots of freebies so we'll be first in line! ;)

May the luck of the Irish be with you! Xxxooo

Michelle, Scott & Jib

P.S. The blog has a mind of it's own today. I'm not sure why "Maxwell's Grocery" just appeared randomly in a couple spots. I tried to erase it but no luck. Oh well.

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