Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy 42nd birthday to this guy!!

Today we celebrate Scott's 42nd birthday. Yay! We're still in Georgetown, Bahamas. We were going to leave a couple days ago but the weather forecasts were not favorable so here we are...still. Which is ok. We like it here. PLUS our good friends Matt & Lindsey from s/v Kindred Spirit are here too so it's been fun.

Me & fun to have a girlfriend close by...


Malaika & Kindred Spirit anchored together..
Yesterday Matt brought Oliver (the sailing kitty) over for a visit..


So we've had fun celebrating Scott's birthday. I tried to make it special even though we are far from home. Coconut French toast for breakfast, HUGE hamburger (a luxury here) for lunch & tonight we're going out for dinner.

AND a big ol' 40. I didn't even know they sold those here until yesterday & managed to hide it from Scott until this afternoon. Well, he might of got a sneak peek yesterday but forgot....

Beautiful hand carved wood box I got for Scott's present...he loved it

I think the only thing that could make Scott's birthday better is if he was with his family & friends in Phoenix. Correction...if his family & friends were here with us!

Miss you all so much

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib


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