Saturday, March 1, 2014

We're still here...Georgetown, Bahamas

So....we sorta gotta hooked on Georgetown. I think we came at the perfect time...during the regatta. There have been sooooo many events for the past 2 weeks. Sailing, volleyball, parties, dances, etc. the list goes on & on. I've been a horrible blog writer for over 2 weeks. Sorry everybody. Sometimes...I just don't feel like writing. of the most fun things we did during the regatta is crew on a sailboat during the race. Wow!! Amazing what sailboats can do just with the wind. We learned a lot & made great friends AND won 1st place both days in our class. Woo Hoo!

This is not the boat we were on...I got this off the internet but I just wanted you to see how much the boats heel when racing...
The winning team...2 days in a row...


Volleyball is a big deal here in Georgetown & ( of course) Scott has become one of the elite players. He was "invited" to play with the big boys during the last major tournament & they did awesome!! They were the total underdogs but came in 2nd place!!


Diving is still the favorite sport on Malaika & Scott tries to go everyday that weather permits. It seems that the ciguatera has finally subsided & he's feeling more like himself. Yay. We also reunited with some close friends...Matt & Lindsay on s/v Kindred Spirit & we've been having the best time together!! Scott & Matt go hunting just about everyday. Our freezer is so full of lobster.

Scott's speared this big boy yesterday...

Good times here in Georgetown. Tonight we're going to the closing ceremonies of the regatta. What a great time. I highly recommend it!!

Love & miss you all....sorry I've been such a blog slacker. We've been busy! ;)

Love, Michelle, Scott & Jib

P.s. We have seen more sharks here in Georgetown than anywhere else. Scott & Matt & Andy got caught in the middle of of feeding frenzy the other of the sharks actually took a fish & spear from one of the guys...we have it on's pretty epic!


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andy said...

I'm glad you guys are having such a good time. Miss you and the bahamas. Do me a favor...can you bring me back a couch shell? (Hole in top ok. I'll do the epoxy trick) I'm trying to impress an english teacher. (Lord of the flies..remember) I hope to see you somewhere on the east coast if you ever leave Georgetown.

Andy mellow seas