Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas In The Bahamas?

Our little tree

Scott & I were up early ready to move Malaika to Peanut Island. We made our dreaded stop at the fuel dock which lived up to all expectations & was horrifying. The wind was pushing us all around, super small space. Malaika was sandwiched between the fuel dock & a dozen gazillion dollar mega yachts. We had a near miss with our solar panels & a dock piling. Ugh!
The stress level in those situations is unbelievable. It's the same feeling as when we have a medical emergency at work. When it's over, we are wiped out. Anchoring in our new spot went very well & the excitement about leaving tomorrow started replacing the anxiety of the fuel dock. And then....Chris Parker (weather guru for all sailors) said No Go for tomorrow. Or Thursday. Now it's looking like Friday. I almost started crying. So here we sit. It is a pretty area & the water around us now is very clear & looks Caribbean blue when the sun hits it just right. Not all bad.
Some good news that made our day was to hear our friends from Colorado, Chad & Kristi, will be coming to visit us in the Bahamas in February!! Yay!! I promise we'll be there by then! :)
Missing everyone!! I'm feeling very homesick as Christmas nears. Love you all!
Happy Birthday to my brother Joshua!! Hope you had a great day! Love you!

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matty said...

peanut island i remember that

matty said...

just hang there till the weathers right ...... reading again oh i can't wait till thats all we can do. the autopilot is nearly installed. the sails may be her this week. then i have to pull the bow pulpit off and re fab...... miss you guys out here

Michelle said...

Just read a quote that reminded me of you. "You can't change the winds; but you can adjust the sails." Hold tight! Your umbrella drinks will still be waiting. Can you imagine...I was stressed to think you will be unavailable for 7-10 days. Be safe and know that I'm sure the love of your family and friends will reach you all the way to your Malakai!!