Friday, December 30, 2011

We Have Bahamian Souls

We are having a wonderful time! Our Internet is a little sketchy so I just want to share some pictures. Our friends Dan & Cheri came from Marsh Harbor to ring in the New Year with us. It's been so great hanging out again!? Tomorrow is New Years Eve & there is a huge party on Green Turtle called a Junkanoo. It's a parade on steroids . Not unlike Carnival in Rio. We are so excited! Should have some great pics! Love & miss u all!!!

This gives a whole new meaning to Banker's hours!

All I can say is Ouch!

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Location:Green Turtle Caye

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Awesome pics!! Soooooo jealous! I am extremely thrilled that you both have found paradise! Cheers and Happy New Year! Love you. Kel