Monday, December 26, 2011

We Made It

We made it!!! Very sketchy Internet so just a quick note. We had a wonderful crossing & a great Christmas.

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Location:Green Turtle Caye, Bahamas


Cheryl said...

You did it!,,
Hi Mchelle, I got back to Seattle yesterday from over a months sail in the Caribbean and just caught up on your blog. I have a few apps you might like if you don't already know about them. Navionics is great for easy access to charts. We sailed all over the place with our iPhones and iPads. PocketGrib is a good one for tracking weather and a lot of people use the website
I'm glad you are safe and Living your dream. I can't wait for more updates!

Take care, be safe and send pics!

Ps...a really long ( ours is 30 ft) bicycle chain is good for keeping your dingy safe when you leave it docked. I know of someone who also stopped the theft by painting their motor pink.

Happy Holidays!

stephanieo said...

Im very relieved to hear you all are ok and made it safely to your destination. I cant wait to hear how it went.