Friday, December 16, 2011

The Crossing

The latest weather report says there is a VERY small window to cross the Gulf Stream & head for the Bahamas Saturday. We consulted with several other cruisers & decided the window is just too small. Plus, there is really no chance for the ocean to calm down before that window opens, waves could still be pretty big & unpleasant. We have had 15-20knot North East winds for DAYS. The ocean needs a little time to calm down. There are about 50 boats here & so far, everyone we've met have decided to pass on this porthole of a window. Sorry Dan & Cheri! Probably will be another week or so before we catch up to you guys! We might have the guts to cross if we had more open water experience but we think it's best to be patient . My feelings were somewhat validated when I saw a cruiser we met yesterday, who has crossed 6 times before & already been here 2 weeks, decided to wait until Wednesday...the next projected window.
We took a long dinghy ride to a little park where we could pull ashore & walk a couple blocks to the post office. Thank You Aaron & Greer from SPYBO Marine for forwarding our last piece if mail at Hidden Harbor Marina . Jib's permit to enter the Bahamas finally arrived the day we left St. Augustine. I applied for it 6 weeks ago. We all have our "passports" now. Ready to sail whenever the wind allows!

Parking spot for our dinghy on a trek to the Post office

I am a bit nervous about the crossing. To experienced cruisers, this is a pretty easy crossing as long as there are no North winds but for us newbies, it's a BIG deal!! Truthfully, part of me is glad when I hear we still don't have a window, & part of me will just be glad when it's over. Always an adventure! That's for sure! Tonight we are headed to our first happy hour with the other cruisers in this anchorage...our new Canadian friends! I think we will very likely all cross together so it'll be great to meet everyone.

We were passed by the Geico racing boat on our way to the post office

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!! We are missing you!
Michelle, Scott & Jib

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Michelle said...

Patience is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit...or Mother Nature. Glad you are awaiting the next window!

Anonymous said...

No Problem we are just excited to see you guys again! Dan is jonesing for someone besides me to go fishing with! Good luck !! Can't wait to see you