Monday, December 12, 2011

Hurry Up & Wait!

So we're just hanging out here anchored at Lake Worth in North Palm Beach, Florida. It looks like my interpretation of the the forecast was correct & we will be here for about a week... Hopefully not too much longer. Im bored here, and I'm just Sooooo ready to be in the Bahamas!! North wind...GET OUT
OF THE WAY!!! There is a great dinghy dock here, even has soft white sand. It is just 1 block from a grocery store & a few blocks from West Marine however, dinghy motors are stolen frequently here so Scott & I are afraid to leave the dinghy unattended which means we have to take turns going to whichever store while the other watches the dinghy. No fun.
We are trying to make the most of it & just have a little fun. We explored the canal system yesterday in our dinghy. A journey I would call "Mansions, Mangroves, & Megayachts". Stay tuned for photos!

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Location:North Palm Beach, Florida

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Marianne said...

looks like, hurry up and wait and grow..Jib is getting big and beautiful..take care