Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bright Work

Sunrise this morning

Bright work is boaters lingo for all that is required in caring for the wood on your boat. Sanding old varnish off, sanding the wood smooth, applying varnish over & over. I'm not sure why it's called "Bright Work". There's nothing bright about it. It sucks actually. I guess the "bright" moment will come when it's all shiney & polished. Right now it's tedious, dusty, & tiring.

Scott scraping off old varnish

Can't wait to show all the "after" pics!! We're on our 3rd day of sanding. Scott thinks we will be able to varnish tomorrow or Tuesday.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Love & Miss you. I have to get back to sanding.

Sanding begins at 9am on Malaika

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Location:Green Turtle Caye, Bahamas


matty said...

S/V kindred spirit... yea girl sanding suuuucks big time! Think me and matt are gonna try this oxalylic acid stuff Greg told us sounds awesome in that it requires no sanding! Your boat will look beautiful and you guys look great cracking conch! We miss you two!

Scott , Michelle Jesse, & Jib said...

Hey Lindsey!! Miss you too! Are you guys still coming?