Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reading The Mail

I thought today would be a great time to explain the power of the VHF radio among cruisers.
It's basically our phone, announcement board, and our 911 . Channel 16 is the working channel. We're not allowed to chat on this channel. This channel is to talk to bridge operators, the Coast Gaurd, etc. We can hail each other on 16 and then move to a different channel. Here in the Bahamas the cruisers mostly stay on Channel 68. On Monday I heard an announcement about someone growing/selling fresh veggies but did not hear the entire message. So yesterday I called out on the VHF.
Me: "Bluff House Marina, Bluff House Marina, Malaika.
Marina: "Malaika, Bluff House Marina , go to One One. "
Both of us then switch to channel 11. And so does every other cruiser listening in. Eavesdropping on the VHF is an acceptable practice among cruisers. It's called "Reading the Mail."
Now on Channel 11, our conversation continues.
Me: "Bluff House Marina, Malaika"
Marina: "Bluff House Marina, go ahead Malaika"
Me: "yesterday I heard an announcement about someone selling fresh veggies grown in their you know where that is?"
Marina: "we sell some fresh items in our store. Maybe that's the announcement you heard"
Me: "Ok. Thank you. Malaika back to six eight"
Marina: "Bluff House back to one six"
That wasn't the msg I heard but I figured we'd go to town & find the fresh veggies. About 15 minutes later, a guy named Dave was knocking on our boat. He heard we were looking for fresh veggies, & he is in fact, the gardner who made the announcement yesterday. He gave us directions & told us to stop by after 4pm. He was obviously "reading the mail"....
And we're so glad! He had an amazing garden !! I will post more about his garden tomorrow...stay tuned. We have NEVER seen a garden like his!

Fresh Veggies!!

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