Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hydroponic Veggies

I am so happy we found Dave, the "veggie grower".

Road to Dave's Garden

As the title of the blog says, Dave's garden is completely hydroponic, no soil.
No pesticides either. He grows everything in what appeared to be rain gutters, the same kind you would attach to your roof.

Notice Dave's VHF attached to his belt like a cell phone...

His system was very organized & technical...he uses computers to schedule the precise watering. It was beautiful & amazing to see.

Each item is $5.00. Seemed pricey at 1st but everything is pricey in the Bahamas & considering the size of plant Dave gives you, it was a bargain. He includes the entire plant & if kept in a little water back at home, Dave says they can last 2weeks. We bought arugala & cilantro.

Scott & I agree...the best we've ever tasted. All of our meals the past few days have included these delicious fresh greens. We've learned to appreciate things like that. Last week we enjoyed some cheerios with fresh milk given to was THE BEST cereal ever!
We took the dinghy into town today & bought some conch..already out of the shell & cleaned. Spoiled, I know. We splurged & also bought some limes & tomatoes to make conch salad w/our hydroponic veggies.


It's almost Friday everybody! Hang in there & get ready for your weekend!! We love & miss you all so much!!!
It's not all play time for us. We are going to start varnishing the teak on the outside of the boat. Varnishing is a dreaded, but necessary chore on a boat. It requires taping, sanding, cleaning, sanding, 4-5 coats of varnishing with 24hr dry periods & sanding in between . Ugh. We've been putting this chore off but it's time.

Tired Jib

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Location:Green Turtle Caye, Bahamas


Curieuse said...

Veggies look great! Heinz and Roberta are coming down in Feb March time frame
Cheri and Dan

Dee S Wietgrefe said...

I am all caught up again on your blog! Haven't missed a posting. Thanks for the great narrative of your ever so crazy adventure. You guys, Jib included, are amazing!

lylaine said...

Your skin must be glowing eating all that delicious, FRESH food, breathing all that FRESH air, getting all that exercise!! Loving the blog...missing you...but somehow feeling like we're all there with you!! Great job!! XO

hydroponic said...

Veggies look nice!Great post...

Hydroponics Solutions UK said...

That did sound like a good bargain since it seems you have a lot of plans for using your newly bought hydroponic veggies! Enjoy the greens =)