Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Plymouth, Bahamas

New Plymouth is the name of the town here on Green Turtle Cay. It's just a short 10 minute dinghy ride from our boat so we make the trip in several times a week. Only about 450 people live here but it's a very popular rest stop for cruisers who have just crossed the Gulf Stream. Most stay a few days & continue south to Marsh Harbor...we've been here 1 month today! We'll be moving on next week. It's been great having a rest here at Bluff House Marina & we also used the time at the dock to do the varnish. It's been time well spent but I am getting very excited to go see more of the Bahamas.
I have been very homesick for my family the past few days. Love & miss you all so much!! Thank You to everybody who has stayed in touch with us these past 7 months! (7 months seems unbelievable!) You're comments on the blog & notes on Facebook
make our day!!!!

Scenes from New Plymouth

Scott & Jib at the dinghy dock

You know you've reached the islands when pastel colored houses are the norm

Main Street

Our 1st order of business a month ago was here at the Pink & white Customs office

Life moves slower here

This is one our favorite hang outs.. "The Wrecking Tree"

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Hey Guys! weather is supposed to turn crappy Sunday thru Tuesday lots of wind