Thursday, January 19, 2012

Varnish. Day Five.

Sunset over Sea of Abaco

We just keep plugging away with our "brightwork" . We had a couple days interrupted by weather, including today, so it's slow going. We put on the 1st layer of varnish & 5 minutes later out of nowhere, it started raining. The little sprinkles made little bubbles on our fresh varnish, which we are sanding off today so we can begin again. Good times.

Lots of prep work. Sanding, Taping, Layers & layers of varnish. More sanding.

Good thing Scott has a strong Chemistry background.

Jib feels very left out. He's not allowed on deck when we are varnishing.

Keeping the Captain well fed!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Almost TGIF !! Missing friends & family so much.
Michelle, Scott & Jib
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Location:Loyalist Rd,,The Bahamas

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