Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Barefoot Man Cometh...

I never get tired of the beautiful Bahama sunsets
 We left Marsh Harbour today and sailed to Great Guana Cay. The biggest concert of the year in the Bahamas is Friday...The Barefoot Man. I'm so glad we came a few days early because this anchorage at Guana is not very big & it's already filling up.  It's been rainy & overcast the past 2 days but should improve tomorrow so we're pretty excited to be here. Guana Cay has some of the best snorkeling in all of Abaco (the section of the Bahamas we are currently in) so we plan on checking out the reefs while we're here. There are so many events planned for St. Patrick's weekend...we can't decide which one's to go to!
 I've been a bit under the weather the past few days so I've gotten a little behind on the blog. Stay tuned though! We should have some great stories & pics coming up! For now, enjoy some of these pics taken over the past few weeks..
Jib & Scott in Hopetown. Is that perfect or what?!!
This is what getting in the dinghy looks like with 25mph winds. Our friend Patrick took this picture of us going to Scott's Bday lunch
Scott's cleaning algae off the bottom of the boat. Jib was LOSING his mind watching him. He would look at me, then look down at Scott and start whimpering

A couple of  "Sea Biscuits" . They are a type of sand dollar & I think they are so beautiful

Our "baby" is growing up so fast!!

Love & Miss everyone mucho.

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