Saturday, March 17, 2012

Has Anybody Seen My Dinghy?

Yesterday while listening to the "Cruiser's Net" on the radio, (It's like our Today show & airs every morning at 8:15) a fellow cruiser announced that their dinghy had disappeared during the night. Most likely came untied when the winds picked up & now drifting somewhere in the Sea of Abaco. This is a heartbreaking thing to hear...cruiser's really DEPEND on their dinghies. We need them to go to shore, other boats, etc. They are our cars. They are also expensive. We love our dinghies. We go to great effort to bring them with us on the mother-ship & they return the favor by transporting us to land. We were especially sad to hear this news because we know these cruisers and we know they have a really NICE dinghy with a big expensive motor. This was a loss of about $15-$20,000 dollars. After the "Cruiser's Net" Scott went up to the cockpit with his binoculars to check out (spy on)  the morning activity in the anchorage.  All of a sudden he's shouting for me to call our friends on the VHF. He spotted what we thought was their dinghy about 3/4 mile away jammed under a dock! Scott went to their boat in our dinghy & picked up Ken to go & check. YEP! It was Ken & Yvette's dinghy!! YAY!!!  It was a great way to start the day & left Scott & I feeling warm & fuzzy all day. We spent almost 20yrs of our lives helping others & it was so awesome to have that feeling again. It's been awhile. Ken & Yvette were very greatful & had us over for cocktails lastnight. When Yvette was a land dweller she spent her career as a hair stylist & owned 2 salons in Canada. To say "Thanks" she gave Scott & I totally awesome, much needed haircuts. Then this morning Ken made an announcement on the Cruiser's Net thanking Scott. Scott's famous now. Some freinds already stopped by our boat this morning to say "ATTA Boy!" What a fabulous day! I love cruising.
  Today is the much anticipated "Barefoot Man" concert. I haven't been this excited for a concert since U2 came to town. Those of you who know me know that's saying A LOT.  (This coming from a girl who flew to Dublin so she could see U2 in their hometown.) There are people coming on ferries from other islands, boats have been arriving for days. The concert starts at 1pm at the world famous bar "Nipper's". Yesterday I asked what time will Nipper's open for the concert & they said the bar will be open at 6:30. AM. I don't know if I should be excited or scared. Better get's already 10:30am.  Should have some pretty good pictures for tomorrow's blog.
Love & Miss everyone SOOOOOOO much.
XXXOOO               P.S.  I spent 3 hrs the past 2 days trying to download pictures to this blog.                                           I will  try again later.

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curieuse said...

Ah the age old where is my dingy but we know how to stop that from happening don't we! We arrived safe and sound yesterday morning after what Dan call S&M sailing we had the crap beat out of us for 36 hours but got to Port Canaveral and made it to Titusville then on to St. Augustine tomorrow for their low country boil! Miss you Guys bunches!!! We are watching the blog everyday Love Cheri and Dan