Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sailor That Is Sick Of Wind.....

Jib the sailor dog en route from Treasure Cay to Marsh Harbour
   Im not sure if as a sailor, I'm allowed to say that...that I'm sick of wind.. However, yesterday excluded, we have had like 2 weeks of 20+ mph winds. ARRGGGGHHH!!! Of course, it all depends where you're headed. Here in the Sea of Abaco 20+mph winds out of the east makes for uncomfortable island hopping. We left beautiful Treasure Cay yesterday & are now back in Marsh Harbour. We need to get groceries, do laundry, etc. & Marsh Harbour is the best place for that. Next weekend I think all of Abaco will be at Guana Cay for the "Barefoot Man" (Jimmy Buffett of the Bahamas) concert. I'm so excited for that. We will probably head there (weather permitting) on Wednesday or Thursday to make sure we have a spot to anchor for the weekend concert.  We also had to say Good-bye to our sailor mentors & friends Dan & Cheri yesterday. They will now be making the long trek home to Connecticut where we met them so many months ago.  I really don't think we would have even made it to the Bahamas without their friendly guidence. Thank You so much to Curieuse!! Safe travels & fair winds !!
Im not sure why, but today has been a very difficult internet day. I have been trying for hours to download pictures.  If I didn't need this computer so much to stay in touch with family, it would be at the bottom of Marsh Harbour. I also have no idea why the blog is doing this weird spacing thing. As if there are no margins.  I have tried to correct it with zero success. I surrender. I will try to post a photo blog to follow.
Look at that hippie's hair blowing in the wind. Nice abs though. Not bad for a 40yr old
Love & Miss you all sooo much

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