Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 40 !

Happy 40th Birthday to Scott !! I love you babe !! Scott wore his kilt yesterday in honor of his 40th year. Andy took us out to lunch to celebrate. Thanks so much Andy! :) 
Andy, 40yr old Scott, Hal & Jib posing after Bday lunch
 Scott also had a Happy Birthday announced on the cruiser's net which is like our "Today"show via the VHF.
Birthday party on Malaika
Despite 30mph winds & an unpleasant, wet dinghy ride, all our friends came over to Malaika to celebrate Scott's big day. He really had a great time & says Thank You to everyone who sent him Happy Birthday wishes here on the blog & on Facebook. To Stephanie, he said he could hear your voice singing Happy Birthday! :)
  It remains VERY windy here & will for the next week. It's so windy that leaving the boat is difficult & since the winds are coming from the east, the beach is not a good place to hang out. We're all getting a little stir crazy. I haven't read this much since we were waiting for weather window in Lake Worth, Fl before we crossed to the Bahamas. I LOVE reading but after a few days we're a little bored. It's still better than WORKING so I'll stop complaining. :) 
Still a hottie
     Love & miss everybody. XXXOOO
Don't miss tomorrow's blog....One of our friends Chad, who stayed with us in February has his "Guest blog" ready to publish...


Anonymous said...

s/v kindred spirit....scott your looking very sexy in your kilt, grrrrrr. You guys are having so much fun, I'm so happy for you. Matt and I have had to drastically change our plans, I'm in pensacola at the moment working and he left on a 13 weeker to alaska at the end of feb. The boat is still in St. Augustine waiting for us to come back...its a long me. Take care of your selves and give Jib a kiss from his auntie Lindsey.

Dan said...

NO ONE rocks a kilt like a crazy man on a sail boat! I can't wait until our kilts unite in some tropical island. I think we should swim from one island to the next at night with our kilts on and glow sticks. When sharks come looking for dinner we smack those mofos with the power of the kilt, grab their fin, and point them where we want to go. SHARK POWER! It's better than wind.