Saturday, March 3, 2012

Treasures in Treasure

This is what BLISS looks like. Our friend Patrick took these pictures of Jib

  We've had an awesome few days here in Treasure Cay. The weather has been perfect & the water temp is now 77 degrees !! Yesterday we snorkled a ship wreck just outside of the channel that leads to Treasure Cay anchorage. It was awesome! Our friend Hal brought his speargun & shot a couple fish. Scott & I love to dive & brought all our gear only to discover that diving is very expensive in the Bahamas. Even if we go alone, we have to rent tanks & weights & it's pricey! Luckily for us, the Bahamas are so shallow that diving isn't the only way to explore the sea. Now that the water is really warming up we plan on snorkling as many reefs as we can.
  We've also had the chance to catch up with some of our friends we hadn't seen in awhile. Lastnight we had an awesome dinner on Hal's boat. He grilled Wahoo fish for us & it was to die for!! Scott & I had never had's like Chilean sea bass. Yummy! There is a nightly ritual here in the anchorages to blow into a conch shell at sunset. They make amazing sounds. Once one person starts the "tooting", other boats chime in. It's great. Hal has a wide variety of tooter conch shells so we all took a turn. Our boat was definetly the best.
Hal & his conch shell tooter collection
That guy with long hair is Scott giving his best toot
My turn
   The winds are expected to pick up significantly tomorrow...there are even forecasts for a few squalls that will have up to 50mph winds. For our Arizona friends-- a squall is like a REALLY bad monsoon storm. They don't last long but really pack a punch. Treasure Cay anchorage is well protected, as evidenced by the large amount of boats that came in here today. The biggest concern is that there are a lot of boats in here...hopefully everyone's anchor will hold & nobody will drag when the big gusts move through. We'll see..
Hal....Master tooter

Andy enjoying the sunset
Hanging out on the beach with Marilyn & Patrick
Love & Miss everyone sooo much XXXXOOOO

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