Monday, March 19, 2012

Moving On....

Sailing back to Marsh Harbour.

   The Barefoot Man concert was a BLAST & a great chance for us to hang out with all the friends we've made cruising before everybody moves on from Abaco. Most boats are heading back to the U.S. and Canada but a few of us are going south. Scott & I,  Andy from s/v Mellow Seas, and Bob & Chel from s/v Bella Sera are heading to the group of islands south of Abaco called The Exumas. This trip includes a long passage over open water...about 12 hours. Not a huge passage but we've gotten used to island hopping around the Abacos...usually 2-4 hours. Back to serious sailing! We're very excited to see new places!! The Exumas are bit more rural than the Abacos so we are restocking the boat, getting back into "traveling" mode. Today we have to renew our visas because we've already been here 3 months! We plan on hanging around there for a few weeks & then we will also start the long trek home. We plan on being back in the U.S. sometime in May. However, as I've said before...our plans are etched in jello.
Here are some pics from the past few days...
The Barefoot Man

Scott & Jib jamming to the music

My haircut after Scott saved our friends dinghy

Love & Miss everyone so much.


Curieuse said...

We are so Happy you are having a great time! We arrived in Hidden Harbor just in time for a Low Country boil and cookout. The food and friends were awesome everyone asking for you Guys and Andy! Tell everyone we say hi. Spent the day restocking the boat ourselves with food and Alcohol. We hope to see you when you get back we will probably be in NC painting the bottom Love
Cheri and Dan

ellibelli said...

Hi you two--Pam "finally" gave me the link to your blog today--just spent an hour or so catching up with your travels. It is SO funny to hear all your comments about the learning curve you experienced, and about the continuous need to fix/replace/repair/update/and learn how to use all the stuff that is part of the cruising lifestyle---it could have been taken from MY journal of our first year-lol! So happy to be able to keep in touch and on top of your adventures!! Love all the pictures! Jib looks like a wonderful addition to the family! We are kinda in a holding pattern at the moment, cuz Bill has DVT--two clots in right leg. So until his Coumadin dose is stable, we can't be too far from a lab. Still hoping to head out by end of April. Our nephew is in Costa Rica for 2 1/2 yrs. for his PhD program, so we will spend some time there, exploring. Anyway, looking forward to following your adventures, and sending you a link to ours, once we finally get moving again. Fair winds and following seas....Elli and Bill S/V Cada Dia Mas