Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Momma...I'm Coming Home


So...Scott & I have spent the last (almost) 24 hours at Grand Cay. This is our launching point back to the U.S. What a quirky, quaint, little town. There seems to be a mural painted on just about every building. We had a good time walking around this afternoon trying to spend our last Bahamian dollars....usually not hard to do because things are outrageously expensive in most of the Bahamas, but like Eleuthera....Grand Cay is quite cheap. Guess we'll have some dough when we come back in November! It's hard to believe this cruising season is over. Now another adventure begins. We need to get settled in Florida, drive across the U.S. to Phoenix where I will work for the summer, then....start getting ready for the next big sail. I love being a traveler. There is always a new adventure on the horizon.

It seems every building has a painted mural here in Grand Cay!



Malaika is setting sail in about 3.5 hours & crossing the gulf stream back to Florida. I don't especially love leaving at night but we have to time things so that we reach Ft. Pierce at (slack) low tide. It can be a tricky entrance....timing is everything. Should be about a 20 hour journey so this crew is checking out to go take a nap.

Conch graveyard
Like so many Bahamian towns...the Post Office & Police Station are all wrapped up in one pink building. Love it.
Bye Bye Bahamas...I'll miss you.

Love & Miss you. See you very soon!!!

Michelle, Scott & Jib


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