Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome Home?

Give Peace A Chance

Wowza. Our 1st few days back in these United States have been packed full of adventure and now as we get the news out of Boston...sadness. WHY???? I'm very glad to be heading home to see our friends & families but if I had kids...I would just keep on sailing far far away. This place is just too crazy.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook know that last night we were confronted by a TORNADO!! OMG!! The "tornado" never actually developed but the high winds, torrential rain, & never ending lightning brought this sailor to tears.'s sooo scary when you live on a boat & the weather is out of control. There's nowhere to safe zone....just cross your fingers & hope for the best. And thankfully...that's what happened last night. The storm passed over & we were fine. Physically. Took some rum therapy to go to sleep.

42...and can still stop traffic. Bwahahahaha!!

We continued our trek heading north on the ICW along the coast of Florida today & are now in Titusville.

This is really a great place for boaters to hangout for a few days. We are on a mooring ball which for $15 allows us to enjoy all the marina amenities which include Internet, showers, great marina store, and BEST of all.....a DOG PARK!!!! Jib was in absolute heaven this afternoon after being stuck on the boat for several days.

Jib's new pit bull buddies.
Jib hates mooring balls...he growls at them. ?


We're going to stay here again tomorrow & go play on that island you see above. Island therapy is always good for the soul. :) and it's already been too long.

Love--Michelle, Scott & Jib


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