Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Cumberland Island beach @ low tide...sooo reminded me of Rocky Point, Mexico
Beautiful white sand beach @ Cumberland Island
Monarch butterfly taking a rest from her long journey south
"Sneaking up on" some of the wild horses of Cumberland
Carnegie Mansion Ruins
Great big jellyfish
  We made it!! Approximately 1500 miles from New London, CT to St. Augustine, FL. We are finally here! I am so excited I just need to ( as my neice Christina says) stomp my feet!! We are docked at Hidden Harbor Marina where we plan on staying for a month. We have electricity, showers, wifi, stores within walking distance!!! I may as well be at the the Four Seasons!! This city looked so pretty when we were sailing in... I can't wait to explore. We also had our first meeting with a gal who may do our full enclosure for the cockpit. I'll write more tomorrow...here are some of the pics I've been promising!!
New type of crab for us..

hiking in the forest of Cumberland

I don't think this beautiful pregnant lady wants (or needs) our help

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