Sunday, October 2, 2011

Portsmouth, Virginia (Norfolk)

Malaika docked in Portsmouth, Virginia
Aircraft carrier in Norfolk
Ugh! What a long day of boating. It took 14hrs to get to Portsmouth. Our 3rd alternator belt ripped to shreds along the way. I really liked Portsmouth. It's a real nautical town populated almost entirely by the U.S. Navy. We saw war ships, aircraft carriers, etc... We also had the most terrifying docking experience of our boat life. It went perfect, but it was sooo scarey. Dark, huge wind blowing us into the dock. UGH!!! Thank goodness, we had friends of Dan & Cheri's  to help get us in at the dock. Thanks Pete!! Enjoy the pics...
Pancakes @ dawn in the Chesapeake
War ship in Norfolk
Love, Michelle & Scott

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