Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Greyhound, INC--Low Down Dirty Dog

Another long day of traveling down the ICW. We are just outside of Charleston, SC. Another 11 hour day. UGH. I must say the pace we've been going the past 10 days has been a bit grueling but we will be able to stop in St. Augustine, Florida for a month if we keep it up. AHH...that will be so nice. We plan on resting up & doing many projects on the boat befor we head to the islands.
  Im sure you are wondering what the title of the blog is all about. Scott & I shipped 24 boxes of our belongings (everything else is in our garage in Rocky Point, or belongs to new owners now) to Connecticut via Greyhound shipping. I chose Greyhound because they were cheap & we are of coarse, on a serious budget being unemployed & all. 21 of the 24 boxes arrived promptly without problems. 3 did not & are still missing. Naturally, the 3 missing boxes contained many of our most prized possessions. Mostly mine. I only packed enough clothes for the road trip across country. All of my "can't live without, can't go to storage because I must have with me" items were in those boxes. All my favorite hats & purses that I have collected over the last 20 yrs, treasured trinket stuff, wedding pictures, etc. I have been fighting with Greyhound since August trying to locate my things. Now, Im fighting with them to at least get the $1000.00 they were insured for. (That was the max amount they let you insure--doesn't matter, this stuff is priceless to me) I don't even want the lousy $1000. I want my stuff!!! I am so frustrated with them. I have been relentless. Sometimes I call everyday for days & days in a row. No one calls me back. So, if any of you have any ideas about how I can shame them into finding my boxes (which I know are sitting in a warehouse in Dallas because that's where the lost & found stuff goes) please let me know.
  I also wanted to ask all of you who check out our blog to officially sign up as "followers". The more followers we have, the more our blog gets noticed which could someday lead to a little extra cash for our unemployed selves via advertisements, etc.  Also, when I get better at this writing thing, I want to send some of our blog entries into the sailing magazines---maybe they actually publish them! I know there are more than 11 of you so sign on & follow our epic journey!! :) Even if you don't sign up, I just wanted to tell you it means so much to Scott & I that so many of our friends & family care enough to check it out. It makes us feel closer to all of you when we read your comments so keep em' coming whether you're a "follower" or not.
Love & Miss you all!!--Michelle & Scott


Dave and Lori said...

In read your blog everyday. Doesn't hurt so much that you guys are gone, if I can see you everyday. Love and miss you sooo much.

Scott , Michelle and Jesse said...

Awe....thanks Lori. We miss you guys too! Tell people @the office to sign up too!

lylaine said...

Thought I was already a "follower", but guess not. Not sure how to make that happen...Anyway, I think you already have enough material for a sailing magazine! :>) They need to have an edition for "New Sailors"... you could be stars!!


Love you! Always following....Kel