Monday, October 10, 2011

Soaking Wet South Carolina

Even though we know the always seems like we're going to hit when we go under a bridge
Are we in a Rain Forest?
Driving in the rain
We went 62 miles today. It rained the entire time. 10 hrs. Mother Nature played an especially mean trick on us the last 2 hrs & went from constant drizzle to IN YOUR FACE, hard, driving, cold rain. I hate her sometimes.  The first 8hrs really weren't too bad with the non-stop drizzle. We did see a lot of wildlife today. Dolphins, 3 bald eagles, 5 osprey, 1 woodpecker who landed on our bow sprit, & 2 enormous fish jumping. One jumped near the bow of the boat. I didn't see it but Scott said was over 5 ft.
  The reason it's so awful when it rains is because we do not have a "full enclosure" around our cockpit. We plan on getting one in Florida. We have a partial enclosure now but it doesn't really help all that much. We were going to put it off for awhile when we found out how much it costs...about the same as a small used car. However, we changed our minds about that the first time we were in bad weather.
 We are now in Georgetown, South Carolina. We're staying here tomorrow to do some chores & REST. We've been traveling for 9 days.
Capt. Michelle wearing her best fake smile
Woody Woodpecker hitched a ride
Our Nemesis...the large power boater
Enjoy the pics! Love , Michelle & Scott
                     P.S. Excited to check out Georgetown tomorrow. It was founded in 1732 ! 

Booze cruise down the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway)
These are pics from the past couple days (North Carolina to South Carolina)
They sure do like a Grand staircase in NC...just about every house had one
Cape Fear "River"...didn't feel like a river

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lylaine said...

Happy to hear you are over 1/2 way to the Bahamas! :>) I can almost hear the steel drums and taste little rum drinks! (OK, not so little...) An enclosed cockpit sounds like a great idea!! Do you bolt it down to the deck? Nice variety of wildlife you are seeing! Thanks for the great pictures...feels like we're all sailing with you!