Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Georgetown, South Carolina

It took us a couple of hours lastnight to warm up & dry out after getting drenched en route to Georgetown. It felt so nice to settle in to our cozy warm bed. 20 minutes after hitting the pillow, the wind suddenly picked up to 30mph & the boat was leaning heavily to it's side. We were anchored...it should not do that. We both knew something was wrong & Scott bolted up to the cockpit, me right behind him to find that we were no longer anchored, the anchor was dragging & the squall was pushing Malaika into that montrosity you see above. A steel wall for the steel mill. AHHHH!!!! Scott immediately started the engine & I ran to the bow to pull up the anchor. I don't really have to pull it up, we have a "windless" winch that does it automatically when I step on a button. Scott drove the boat back to where it needed to be & we reset the anchor, plus set our 2nd anchor for extra holding.  It was again, terrifying. We were worried it could happen again...poor Scott. He didn't sleep at all. He was up checking the anchors every 1/2 hr. He finally went to bed at dawn & I got up. Not too much sight seeing today. Cheri & I lugged our laundry to the laundry mat, (about a mile) then went & picked up some pizzas. It's quite a workout lugging all that around. We're headed out again tomorrow at dawn. I feel like we need a vacation.
Bahamas or Bust !!! The other pics posted on this blog are from our travels down the ICW thus far.
Who doesn't want a giant giraffe in their front yard?
The great migration south
Love, Michelle & Scott
Loved this pink house w/it's own pink lighthouse

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lylaine said...

OMG! You guys are having quite the "edgy" adventure!! Good thing Scott is accustomed to being up at night!! :>) Can't imagine all that you are learning!! By the time you get to the Bahamas, you'll be seasoned sailors ready to pass on mentoring to others...XO