Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stormy Weather

Our first solo afternoon went very well. We anchored in a quiet little river that had the smallest marina I've ever seen. More like a bait shop. However,the owners of the marina were so nice!! We enjoyed a cold beer under a 3 hundred year old oak tree & admired our fine job of anchoring alone. Anchoring is an art & takes A LOT of practice to accomplish safely. You can't just drop the hook & be done with it when your boat weighs 20,000 pounds. If done incorrectly, it can be a huge danger for the boat & for us.
After chatting with the guys at the marina we dinghied home. A short time after the marina owner brought us some shrimp he had just caught for the bait shop..they use yummy shrimp for bait! He gave us about 2pounds of live shrimp but would not accept any money. Southern hospitality is the best! We had an awesome dinner!
So glad we had such a great time yesterday because today sucks. It's raining, 20+ knot winds.
UGH!! We probably won't sleep well tonight as the storm is only supposed to get worse.
Hope to be at Cumberland Island, Georgia in next couple days.
Just depends on Mother Nature. She's the boss of everything.
I have been trying for an hour to download pics from the iPhone without success! Sorry... I
Think the pictures are what everyone looks forward too! I'll post some as soon as possible! :)
Love, michelle & Scott


lylaine said...

Pictures. No pictures. No matter. Just great to see what is happening with you two. Hope you sleep well... :>)

Scott , Michelle and Jesse said...

Awe... Thanks Lylaine! :) we so look forward to your note everyday!
Love your new jeep