Wednesday, October 26, 2011

St Augustine--Im In Love

Sunset in St. Augustine
   Our first day is St. Augustine has been awesome. Task number one was to move Malaika from a transiet dock into a "slip". That's like a permanant parking space for boats in a marina. I haven't written about docking too much--one because we haven't done much of it & two, it sucks so much, I usually don't want to relive the experience. Most cruisers will tell you that docking is anxiety provoking & when you're a new sailor, it's down right terrifying. It is not easy to gracefully move a 38ft (actually with all our add on stuff, Malaika is 50ft) 25,000lb vessel into a parking space. (I wrote before that Malaika was 20,000lbs but Scott has corrected me about that) Luckily for us, all our new neighbors along with Haila & David, the caretakers of the marina, were there to help us. So nice of them! It went very well with all the extra help & we couldn't be happier in our slip. One of our neighbors who came to help was Andy, a gentleman we had met in the marina in Connecticut the day after hurricane Irene. I couldn't believe it! He seemed just as proud of us as we are of ourselves for making a successful trip down the coast! It was really great to see him & we're excited to be neighbors.
  Scott & I got the bikes out & rode all around the historic district of St. Augustine. It is BEAUTIFUL!! We only scratched the surface of exploring the area because we had to get back to the boat for another meeting with a canvas maker for our full enclosure. I can't wait to see more of this great city. The pirate museum is one of the premier attractions, definetly checking it out while we're here.
   Missing everyone lots. Love hearing from you all.  I think I got the problems with leaving comments fixed so give it a try!!! We miss your notes. Also, to Cheryl from Seattle--I tried to send you a note but that's a part of the comment problem I havent figured out yet....So excited to hear that you enjoy our blog so much! :) Congrats on moving aboard your Valiant!  If anyone ever has trouble leaving us a message you can email me at or  leave a note on facebook. Our address there is scottmichellevoyage.
Historic District of St Augustine
   Love, Michelle & Scott
Malaika's new parking space
Historic district St Augustine
Old military fort in historic district
Striking a pose @ the military fort.


stephanieochoa said...

wow you guys are soo lucky to be experiencing so the pics

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm so glad to find out there was a problem with leaving comments. I tried for days to post mine and finally had my daughter come by to help. Of course, she didn't have any trouble at all. I think I'll just keep quiet and let her continue to think she's smarter than me. Now that I know you're on FB I'll "friend" you.

Here's a link to a blog being written by one off the crew on Tropicsl Storm. Roy is my BF and taught me to sail. You might enjoy reading about their adventure. They are due into Bermuda tomorrow. They left Long Island on Sunday (10/23/11)and had 40 knot winds and pounding 10-12 foot seas the last 2 days. They sailed with a double reefed main sail and still did 15 knots. They are tired and looking forward to land!

Safe harbor...looking forward to more of your postings.


lylaine said...

What fun to have your photos back! Although your words are quite descriptive and can make the mind imagine... :>) What a GREAT way to really see the world! I feel a book coming in your future...(well photographed, of course). We're interviewing docs to take Tony's place...imagine this world feels very far away from where you are! :>) Our new space is shaping up quite nicely and the two new midwives are awesome. Getting a couple new labor nurses...need a few more...Taking off to Southern Utah today for a Jeep/hiking trip :>) Can hardly wait to get her out and get her dirty! :>) Love you two. Enjoy St. Augustine!

azkodiak said...

We are so glad you made it. Mom and I are so proud of both of you. We miss you a lot and wish we were with you. I'm proud of Scott for learning quickly and getting the hang of things, like parking or should I say docking. We are in our new house but still moving in and setting up. I am leaving for Yuma today, Mom will follow on Monday or Tuesday. Love you both enjoy the life

B said...
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B said...
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B said...

Hi Michelle how are you, It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun exploring the world. We miss you here at PBH. In fact we are having BLT's today :0). Not the same without you.

We miss you


B said...

I hope you like my profile picture hahahaha...