Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween !!

Jib learning to walk the plank... from the cabin to the cockpit
Trick or Treat

    Scott & I have been at Hidden Harbor Marina for a week now. What an awesome community! Everyone here has welcomed us with great big open arms & then we brought on a puppy & they welcomed him too. I can see why people park @ this marina & end up staying much longer than intended. We have had a very nice break the last week, but today got back to reality. We have many projects to work on the month we are here. Today we made final arrangements with Cindy from Custom Marine Canvas to complete our full enclosure. It's a big deal.  It's a $5000 big deal. We saved for this. I will take before & after pictures...super exciting.
  Training with Jib is going great in some aspects & slow in others. Our poor little guy has a bladder infection so potty training has been difficult. He's on Keflex now & things seem a little better. He is trying, and is a smart dog so we'll get there...  :)
Scott & Jib working on something
Love & Miss everyone!!  XXXOO
Scott & Jib are checking out the bilge pump. Blurry pic but it's just so cute how Jib has to be wherever Scott is


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lylaine said...

What a perfect name for a perfect puppy! Lucky dog!! Can only imagine how much love gets packed into that boat!! XO