Sunday, October 2, 2011

Journey into The Dismal Swamp

Dismal Swamp, North Carolina
Note the water line now...we went up about 9 ft.
See the water churning as the lock fills up
In our 1st lock..Note the water line on the left
Headed down the Dismal Swamp
Rafted up on the dock at mile 28 on The Dismal Swamp
We left Portsmouth, Va. this am around 9:30 after fueling up & "pumping out". That refers to emptying the poo tank...Anyways... we were headed to the much talked about Dismal Swamp. Turns out the Dismal Swamp is beautiful & peaceful!! It's like floating down a quiet lazy river. Loved it. We went through our 1st "lock" today...just like they do in the Panama Canal. Great day...but's in the 40's at night now. Burr!! We are now in North Carolina! Bahamas just keep getting closer!! Woo Hoo!
Dismal Swamp shoreline


azkodiak said...

Hey, I went through the Dismal Swamp when I was in Ranger training. They dropped us off with only a bayonet and said see you in 7 days. It sure looks different in your pictures. Glad you are there and seeing this. Love you from Dad & Mom. Thanks for the pictures and comments

lylaine said...

Beautiful! Looks like very peaceful sailing. Except...I felt myself scratching mosquito bites! (only maybe @40 they've gone in for the winter) Love, love, love your blog! easy is it to fix boat engines/get parts? And are you two becoming boat mechanics???